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2.0 released?

Hi guys.

i just noticed that the latest doc and api doc got updated to new design + 2.0.0 does this mean that the final version of 2.0.0 is out?

nothing on the blog or IRC.


Hey Simon.

No 2.0 is not out. We seem to be having an issue with the docs generation. I have created the docs for 1.3 (after pull requests) and updated the site. Then I generated them for 2.0 and put them in the relevant subfolder.

However since then, I have not been able to get the 1.3 docs to generate - it always defaults to 2.0.

I am still investigating on why this happens but at least you guys can see the new look of our docs for 2.0.

Sorry for the inconvenience


Darn! I'm building my cms, for a year now and the default tmeplate's colors are almost the same as your doc's... :)

Can you do an update on as it's 1.2.3 API (create the 1.3.2 and 2.0.0b2 ?) ?

Thanks !