Phalcon IIS 7.5 and URL Rewrite issues

Having issues with the routing while using Phalcon, IIS 7.5 and URL Rewrite.

The issue and project are fully explained at the following stack overflow question:

Phalcon, IIS 7.5 and URL Rewrite problems

Also, first post here. Please advise if it's better to provide a link to the stackoverflow question or fully provide the question, issue and code on this forum.

Thanks in advance.


The XML described in the link you provided is the same XML that is in the web.confi file that I have at the root directory.

The one thing that I'm doing differently from the base example is that I have the tutorial website as the root of my website(i.e. http://localhost).

If am reading it correctly, the tutorial website is located at http://[root]/tutorial. But other than that everyting is the same so, not sure why it should fail.....