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There are any date related wrappers in Phalcon?

Date wrappers would be really useful to help dealing with date outputs and calculations, example:

$this->date->today('Y-m-d'); // 2014-09-15
$this->date->today('Y-m-d','-1'); // 2014-09-14

$this->date->thisMonth('F') // September
$this->date->thisMonth('F','-1') // August

// ... etc

And there could be a DI setting to the default locale so you could define it "globally" on your project.

Would be really useful. There is something related in Phalcon already?


You can use the built-in PHP datetime:


$d = new \DateTime();
$d->modify('-1 days');
echo $d->format('Y-m-d'); // 2014-09-14

$d = new \DateTime();
echo $d->format('F'); // September

$d->modify('-1 month');
echo $d->format('F'); // August

// ... etc