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Tutorial missing some understanding

I have follow the tutorial here

Here is the Signup controller (app/controllers/SignupController.php):


class SignupController extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Controller

public function indexAction()



The empty index action gives the clean pass to a view with the form definition (app/views/signup/index.phtml):

I did not see the code that pass from controller to view: app/views/signup/index.phtml

Hi, skanel.

Because name of controller class is 'SignupController'. You need no code about that.

You can find description at here: Using Views — Phalcon 1.3.0 documentation


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So You mean ,I need to create one more sub folder signup in side the views folder ?


Hi, skanel.

Yes, you need to create app/views/signup folder. Did you create (app/views/signup/index.phtml)?

If you want to show that view, action method "indexAction()" need no code.

I think "the clean pass" means that "indexAction()" gives nothing to view.