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How to prevent Controller from sending view

I'm communicating with my controller via AJAX and requesting an action. But depending to the result on the said controller, I want it to return particular values, but by now it return a whole "index" template.

I just want it to return what I say it to return. How can I do that?


// In some view...
$.post('my/action', send, function(res){
    // 'res' variable should be 'true' or 'false', not the whole View html, etc...

edited Sep '14
$response = new Phalcon\Http\Response(),

// Do things here.
$varWithThingsDone = 'Doing things.';

    'response' => $varWithThingsDone

You might want to know that you can also check if the post is from AJAX:


@RompePC perfect, worked like a charm, thanks.