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Zephir JIT compiler

Is there any news when we can run phalcon 2 using the Zephir JIT compiler? Or is there a faster way for me to test some changes to the framework without me having to rebuild it with every small change?


We're now focused on the Zephir AOT compiler, once it has most of its required features implemented we can continue working on Zephir JIT runtime. Also, any collaboration from the community to improve/finish that project is very appreciated.

How is the dev-team currently working on the phalcon framework? Because for me It takes about 60 seconds to compile it. It must be a pain to wait that long everytime you change something.


Yes it is, the same was with C, first time it takes a lot of time compiling the whole project, then it performs an incremental build just compiling those files who changed.

Hmm. Should I be running zephir "build" command when I've changed something? Or should I invoke some other command? Because I don't have the feeling it's an incremental build.