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How to get foreign table if there are two foreign key to same table?

This is the Model, and I want get both user's data

    class PersonalMessage extends BaseModel

        public $fromUserId;
        public $toUserId;

        public function initialize()
            $this->belongsTo('fromUserId', 'User', 'id', array('foreignKey' => true));
            $this->belongsTo('toUserId', 'User', 'id', array('foreignKey' => true));

and I use this to get user


But I can only get the data which linked to toUserId

How can I get the other user?

$this->belongsTo('fromUserId', 'User', 'id', array('alias' => 'fromUser'));
$this->belongsTo('toUserId', 'User', 'id', array('alias' => 'toUser'));