phalcon it does not run on my server centos 6

I just installed a phalcon such as this in the documentation and do not run!

Creating the extension: git clone git:// cd cphalcon/build sudo ./install Add extension to your php.ini

details of my server: centos6 64bits phpinfo:

in the installation process, there was never any error even already added to the php.ini and restart the server.

Sorry for my English


Did you add "extension=php.ini" to /usr/local/lib/php.ini?

If add the extension to the php.ini


ok, did you restart the webserver?

service httpd restart


If you want add me to Gmail chat so I can help you better with your problem: [email protected]

un agradecimiento especial al desarrollador de phalcon, logro ayudarme a instalarlo con facilidad.... phalcon es de lo mejor que hay +10