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File not being uploaded

I have a hard trouble uploading a file to server, more exactly function hasFiles() return false each time my code is:

    protected function uploadForm() {
        $form = new Form();
        $form->add(new File("file", array()));
        $form->add(new Text("name", array()));
        return $form;

    public function uploadAction() {
        $this->view->form = $this->uploadForm();

    public function savefileAction() {

        $request = $this->request;

        if ($request->isPost()) {
            $this->flashSession->success('is post');

            $name = $request->getPost('name');


            if ($request->hasFiles() == true) {

                $this->flashSession->success('has files');

                foreach ($request->getUploadedFiles() as $file) {

                    $this->flashSession->success($file->getName(), " ", $file->getSize());

                    $file->moveTo('/public/img/' . $file->getName());


    <?php echo Phalcon\Tag::form(array('admin/savefile',)); ?>

                <?php echo $form->render("file"); ?>
                <?php echo $form->render("name"); ?>

                <?php echo Phalcon\Tag::submitButton(array("submit")) ?>

after submit the output s "is post" and "<name value>" so hasFiles() is always zero. please advice


I haven't run the code but I suspect that the <form> tag doesn't have the enctype attribute:

<form enctype="multipart/form-data">

Maybe try this as the template:

<?php echo Phalcon\Tag::form(array('admin/savefile', 'enctype' => 'multipart/form-data')); ?>

        <?php echo $form->render("file"); ?>
        <?php echo $form->render("name"); ?>

        <?php echo Phalcon\Tag::submitButton(array("submit")) ?>

The enctype="multipart/form-data" attribute is required for file uploads.


thx. enctype was the issue


Thx! I had the same problem but I'm using Volt template files, the solution is the same

form("products_sale/create", "method" : "post", "class" : "form-horizontal" , "enctype" : "multipart/form-data") }}