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Phalcon Mysql scanning error

When executing this following code on my website

$login = $this->cookies->get('login');

$loggedinas = $login->getValue();

$user = Users::findFirst("username = '" . $loggedinas . "'");

The following error is thrown at me:

PhalconException: Scanning error before 'pentacore...' when parsing: SELECT [Users].* FROM [Users] WHERE username = 'pentacore (89)

And i cant really seem to get my head around it, The code snippet worked in another Controller, but not here.

Any ideas?

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Use the ORM that way could expose your application to SQL injections, you can better write:

$user = Users::findFirstByUsername($loggedinas);
$user = Users::findFirst(array("username = ?0", "bind" => array($loggedinas)));


Thank you, that 2nd line worked perfectly, The 1st one didnt, might just be me thats stupid.


I have fixed it :)


ah, that worked much better, and i gotta say, going from using raw php to using phalcon sure is a relief :)


I ran into another problem while doing this tho, when i try to fetch variables from $user i get

Trying to get property of non-object


It means the record could not be found:

$user = Users::findFirstByUsername($loggedinas);
if (!$user) {
   echo "user does not exist";

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well, the thing is that it properly fetches "pentacore" from the cookie, and passes it to the model, and i'm 100% sure that the username exists, since when i use the same line of code on another page on the site i can fetch the values from $user


hmm when i manually enter

$user = Users::findFirstByUsername("pentacore");

it works, however

$user = Users::findFirstByUsername($loggedinas);

does not seem to work, even if

echo $loggedinas;

returns pentacore....