Phalcon Debugging using Firebug

HI All,

How can I display arrays or objects in the Firebug console using the Firephp logger? I have this in my services.php file :

    use Phalcon\Logger\Adapter\Firephp as Firephp;

    * Firebug Logging
    $di->setShared('logger', function() use($config){    
            $logger = new Firephp("");
        } else {
            $logger = new Debug\Dummy();
        return $logger;

And then I call the debugging functions like this :


It works fine for normal strings but I cant see array content.

    //shows fine

    //does not show
    $arr = ["name" => "Tim", "age" => 30];

Please help.



I dont use it, but you should use tool .I think it great


Hi, thanks for the comment but I would like to log the output to the console window and not on screen.


This is EXACTLY the same issue I experience. There is backtrace information appended to the firebug output.