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Where can i find phalcon_fetch_params function definition?


i'm currently trying to write a couple of extensions for Phalcon, i would like to see such kind of functions for more understanding. Can't find them using google :(

Realy? ))))) You can find all what you need in ext/kerner/*.h header files :)

edited Oct '14


/** Low overhead parse/fetch parameters */
#define phalcon_fetch_params(memory_grow, required_params, optional_params, ...) \
    if (phalcon_fetch_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS() TSRMLS_CC, required_params, optional_params, __VA_ARGS__) == FAILURE) { \
        if (memory_grow) { \
            RETURN_MM_NULL(); \
        } else { \
            RETURN_NULL(); \
        } \

Oh, ok, thanks! Exactly i'm not making any implementation in C, just preparing Memcached cache adapter for incubator to propose their implementation in C by Phalcon developers :) But i have to extend original classes.. so i need to know how do they work inside. Thanks a lot!

It's quite impossible to use memcache adapter with sessions.. it has no locks :/


According to this, memcached provides session-locking:


Yup, i know that it is possible to define just some settings in php.ini, thanks. But i need some more control on sessions mechanism, for example - to have ability to prolong session without SID change, that's why i need Memcached cache adapter and Memcached session adapter. Moreover, memcache extension is quite outdated, i can't understand why frameworks usually implements memcache instead of memcached.

P.S. @Phalcon - thx very much for examples in incubator, they are very useful.