Looking for an application framework to replace some of eGroupware's functionality.

What I'm trying to do isreplace an eGroupware environment. I'm not realy using the "groupware" part of it. I can move to something a bit lighter. That software is moving in a different direction that fits with what i need. And the community has for the most part moved on after that change.

Currently when I write an application I don't have to write any code that deals with user securtity and session handeling. The database is already connected. The theam takes care of most of the user interface. So when I write an application I only have to focus on the what has to be done for that particular app.

I've looked at the phalconist.com site. There looks like there may be a few projects that are sort of what i'm looking for.

Does anyone know of a framework writen in phalcon that does this?

I'm looking for a application frame work that take care of User Security Sessions Database access Theaming Not sure what else.