Zend Server + phalcon

how to install phalcon on zend server which seem missing?



Missing where?


Hi @phalcon !

The extension of phalcon It's missing from Zend Server.

The support reply to me when I asked to add it:

Phalcon is known, however we are distributing a multi platform fully tested multi PHP version enterprise level PHP stack, which is used to load and execute PHP applications with all the backend modules (PHP and Zend) for stability and performance. With Phalcon it is a special case, since it is a 3rd party PHP module which is not compatible or tested with Zend Server, only vanilla PHP, so 1. we cannot support it, 2. we cannot insert into testing since it works on PHP engine space and not user space, and 3. since we have multiple PHP versions (LTS and regular branches) and platforms, you might get into a situation where you install Zend Server on a Zend supported platform which Phalcon is not compatible with (usually old versions vs. new builds).


Phalcon is not bundled with Zend Server (and you should not expect it will be bundled in the near future), I think if Zend Server provides the standard tools to build extensions (phpize, php-config, etc) you can easily build the extension following the standard way of installation.


THanks, I will try. I guess if someone else has already build something like for MAMP