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ZendFramework 2 migrate to Zephir

Hi everyone, In one of my projects very lacked speed in zend framework 2. And i started to migrate zf2 from php to zephir lang.

Already migrated ZendXml - https://github.com/golovanov/php-ext-zendxml

ZendFramework2 in progress now - https://github.com/golovanov/php-ext-zendframework

Version of ZF2 - 2.3+

If you are interested, you can always subscribe to a repository and monitor changes. Also you can contribute to help do it fast and with better quality.

Thanks to the Phalcon team that they made Zephir.


Cool... Interesanting project !


What would be interesting to see, is the original PHP files of Zend Framework 2 next to the Zephir implementation. So one could see the differences between the two and learn from the solutions how to migrate PHP code to Zephir.

Anyhow, it's still great to see people accomplishing such effort as this because this shows Zephir is taken serious and that is good for the future of this software.

hi, what IDE are you using for zephir devlopment?