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The group of routes does not contain any routes

I'm trying to define a group of routes but Phalcon raises an exception when I mount the group.

class UpdatesGroup extends Phalcon\Mvc\Router\Group {

  public function initialize() {
    // Sets the default controller for the following routes.
    $this->setPaths(['controller' => 'updates']);

    $this->addGet('/', ['action' => 'recents']);
    $this->addGet('/?tab=popolari', ['action' => 'populars']);
    $this->addGet('/?tab=recenti', ['action' => 'recents']);
    $this->addGet('/?tab=in-base-ai-miei-tag', ['action' => 'basedOnMyTags']);
    $this->addGet('/?tab=piu-votati', ['action' => 'mostVoted']);
    $this->addGet('/?tab=piu-discussi', ['action' => 'mostDiscussed']);
    $this->addGet('/rss', ['action' => 'rss']);

$router = new Phalcon\Mvc\Router(false);

$router->mount(new UpdatesGroup());

The exception message is: "The group of routes does not contain any routes" .

What is wrong?


Are you using 1.1.0?

Note that Phalcon\Mvc\Router only works with URIs but not with query strings so /?tab=popolari and /?tab=recenti are both threaded as just /

Yes I'm using 1.1.0.

Thank you for the update about the Router. It seems to me that the initialize() method is never called. Shouldn't be called automatically from the constructor?


I see the problem it's only calling "initialize" if an array is passed to the constructor :/

$router->mount(new UpdatesGroup([]));


Yes, using an empty array fixed the issue. It's a bug anyway.

if (zend_parse_parameters(ZEND_NUM_ARGS() TSRMLS_CC, "|z", &paths) == FAILURE) {