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Build fails on CentOS 7 64bit (500MB vps)


I can't build phalcon on CentOS 7 64bit (digitalocean, 500MB droplet).

When I run ./install it does all the checks, then gets to: libtool: compile: gcc -I. -I/root/cphalcon/build/64bits -DPHP_ATOM_INC ... and stays there for about twenty minutes, then says:

gcc: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1) Please submit a full bug report, with preprocessed source if appropriate. See for instructions. make: *** [phalcon.lo] Error 1

(I couldn't get the second code block to work in markdown)

I ran yum update, installed all the dependencies in the docs, and tried checking out branch 1.3.3. I tried the manual build in the docs too, same result.

Maybe 500MB is not enough memory? Any other ideas?


Solved! I added a 2G swapfile and phalcon built in about 5 seconds :)