I have created a project like so: phalcon project --name test_modules --type modules --enable-webtools

I have noticed that webtools does'nt seem to be working correctly, I get "Please specify a controller directory" when trying to create controllers

And "Database configuration cannot be loaded from your config file" when trying to create models

Scaffolding : "Adapter was not found in the config. Please specify a config variable [database][adapter]"

I have database set up with a table in it and as far as I can tell apps/frontend/config/config.php is config file so why is web tools not seeing it?

Does it even work with more than one module in an site?

I am really looking for a framework that will take some of the hassle out of starting a new project so I was wandering how far webtools/devtools actually goes in phalcon?

In yii forexample you can scaffold a hole baisc application with a fully working front and backend with auth and user login with a single command.