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Hello Phalcon Tips

Hi all

Phalcon Forum is the best for discussion, but some people share tips and tricks on the forum and it's not good, so I decide clone forum to be Phalcon tips https://phalcontip.com/

About Phalcon Tips

Phalcon Tips was created to help Phalcon community find and share interesting ways of using Phalcon framework

The idea is simple: When you work with Phalcon long enough you find some cool ways of using it, and to other people they might seem as "Tips" so we thought to create a centralized place for all Phalcon users to share those findings.

Want the source?

The source of this website is available on Github

Nice initiative. It will be a good place to store and share common phalcon project's tasks


yeah, I hope will many tips :)

I have lots of snippets saved in plain text. This project might be my new repo. :)


@erickne Yeah

You can upload it , I want to see snippets of you