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PhalconPHP or CodeIgniter

I am still don't know which one I should go for next project. Codeigniter or Phalconphp with fixed mongodb as db type. The project is about price comparision. Phalcon and codeigniter are 2 fastest phpframework at the moment (I got it from https://www.sitepoint.com/phalconphp-yet-...amework/). Phalcon is 3 times faster than codelgniter.

  • The question is what is the different between these two ?

The problem is a alot of coder using codeigniter today while phalcon still very unpopular. In the real time, will the have significant different ?

Can I use strong hardward to replace for software disadvantage ? (In a long run)

I've tried to search some guys in odesk who know use phalcon, it's absolutely nightmare,,, Please give me some suggestion.


Hi zaltanimb,

It depends on what YOU feel comfortable with. Phalcon is a stable framework that has a lot to offer, and so is Codeigniter. While for your usecase both will fit it really comes down to how much time you want to invest in it and who works on the project.

So ask yourself:

  • Will you open source this code or otherwise let other people contribute or maybe sell the product?
  • How important is the speed to you? (Btw this also heavily depends on your coding style!)
  • What kind of infrastructure do you have? If you have enough resources, just go for the most popular one and add varnish caching in front of it, loadbalance it if needed and trust me it will FLY regardless of which framework you choose.
  • Which framework do YOU like better? Phalcon has a lot of great features, and it's very straightforward. Codeigniter has a little bit of a learning curve but also gets the job done.

I'm sure you can come up with much more than this. There is not one almighty solution; it really depends on your project.

Codeigniter is an old framework. It does have lots of developers, but the framework is built on old best practices, and currently development seems to have halted. If speed is at all a concern, you simply can't beat Phalcon. Yes, you could throw hardware at Codeigniter to get it closer to Phalcon's speed - but imagine if you threw that hardware at Phalcon - you'd get even more speed.


Overall both codeigniter and phalconphp are similar and both need to build a website from scratch, unlike symfony which has a lot of buddles/features made up already. Is that right? So overall development from scratch both codeigniter and phalcon will have similar speed (if both coders team have same skill), is that right? Or I am wrong ?


Personally, if I were starting out looking for a new framework today, I would be trying to pick the one using the latest bleeding edge best practices, language features, design patterns, etc to carry you forward further.

My understanding is that codeigniter, cakephp, these are pretty old frameworks. This is a huge rabbit hole though, search google for best php framework and limit to within the last year and there will be 100 different frameworks, but the same 20 or so tend to be on top, and then micro versus full stack.

I have found PhalconPHP to be great for how I like to develop. Most of our app code is not "framework" code, so it is nice having small, fast pieces we can swap out (request, response, dispatcher, router, controller, DI service locator, config, filter).