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changes in volt files are not viewed

Hello friends :)

I moved from windows 8 to ubuntu and copied my project files to their new directory under /var/www/phalcon/bos/ After editing .volt files, the changes are saved but not viewed in browser. Are there any settings differs between windows and linux must be done in Phalcon projects?


Can you upload source on github ?

Hi Thiện sorry, I am using mobile now, they were working perfectly on window, my file starts with {{ content() }} and the rest of content is pure html code


Does your webserver have write permissions in the dir where the compiled .volt files are stored?

  1. Show your directory structure (the layout).
  2. Check what skollro says (the other day something exactly similar happened to me).
  3. Check that the Volt service has the compileAlways option set to true.
  4. Post your Volt code of index.php and of all the templates(.volt and .phtml files).
  5. Clear your browser's cache and reload the page.

I had to modify the permissions of cache folder, thank you very much friends :) :)