Debugging error with core form tag


I use Phalcon the first time and have a question on debugging. I am working on a mac and was developing a phalcon project. A few days ago I upgraded my osx version to yosemite and now I have problems running the project. After upgrading to yosemite I installed php5.6 and reinstalled phalcon for this version with homebrew. I also upgraded xcode so that the gcc is up to date.

Now the problem is, that I get an error page (chrome) which says that the server hasn't send any data when I request a special page on which I use a custom FormTag which uses a core form element. When I check the response in the dev tools of the network panel says: Failed to load response data.

In my apache error log is nothing shown. I turned on the debugger and started the "listen" function but no informationen shows up. Also I recognized, that the apache access log file does not see any request if I try to use the core form tag. Then I commented out different code snippets and ended up with a function call to "Tag::selectStatic($attrs, $options);" in my custom form tag. If I comment out this call the page is rendered. Below you can see the content of the two variables $attrs and $options:

$attrs Array ( [vocabulary_id] => 4 [class] => form-control [show_empty] => 1 [show_empty_value] => -1 [show_not_set] => 1 [placeholder] => Sport Category [0] => category_sport_tid [useEmpty] => 1 [emptyText] => - Sport Category - [emptyValue] => -1 )

$options Array ( [0] => - Not set - [257] => Football [258] => Golf )

So actually I am stocked cause I don't know how to debug this error.

Does anyone has a tip on going on with this?

Many thanks, Michael

[EDIT] I use Phalcon 1.3.2 and PHP 5.6 on OSX 10.10.

I'm using debugger from Nette Framework, called Tracy. It helps me a lot of times, but, problem is, that I don't know two things:

  • how hard it would be to you to connect it
  • would it in the end solve your problem with finding bug.

Well, if you will have problems implementing Tracy, feel free to ask.