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PhalconPHP Sublime Text Completions library -- 340 snippets

Hey everyone!

I have created a package for Sublime Text that adds about 340 different completion snippets. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

I have submitted a PR to Sublime Package Manager, so it should be up there on Package Control shortly. If you can't wait, then download the repo and drop it in your packges directory inside Sublime Text.

PhalconPHP Sublime Text Completion Snippets



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The build step is actually written with nodejs. It doesn't matter unless you want to actually build new snippets. I am hoping someone could look over these and make sure they make sense. I am new to Phalcon, so there could be a couple issues.


wow, thank you :)

Love you right now.

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The package is now avalible via Package Control. So you can install it via Sublime instead of dropping the folder in the packages directory. Just do a search for phalcon and it should come up.


Oh I could kiss you!



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Great, thank you!!!

Excellent work man!!