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Use Angularjs or Phalcon for frontend ?

Hi, I just know that many website are using Angularjs as frontend and PHP as backend. I wonder why ? Because as far as I know Angularjs is just javascript framework. If I use phalcon as backend, Which one is better for frontend? phalcon or Angularj (the difference, advantage and drawback?)

Thank you.

I am currently working on an internal enterprise web application in which we are using AngularJS and Phalcon. I am using Phalcon for the web service API and database access. AngularJS for the front-end. While I like AngularJS a lot it does begin to slow down greatly with large data sets. I worked around that with AJAX pagination and infinite scrolls. Using Phalcon to generate the page on the server would have shorten development time and optmized the front-end. "zaltanimb" is right look at https://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/reference/micro.html and https://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/reference/tutorial-rest.html for further details.


how can i setup angular with phalcon?

If you are making a big website, which needs to be SEO optimized i would recommend to use Phalcon's volt template engine. It will make your life much easier, because making angular pages indexable by search engines is additional effort and not a plesent task. If you do not care about SEO or the app is internal you could use angular.


I am going to create a big project using phalcon and angular but having problem in config.and routes.