Phalcon complex sql query

Iam using phalcon-mvc-example multiple-service-layer-model in this link: it implement repository pattern. So when I create query at repository layer, I have only one choice is using EntityClass::find or EntityClass::query to build my sql query, I can't excute raw sql query using modelsManager because the repository layer not extend or implement any class of phalcon core. Any idea for this issue ????

edited Nov '14

You want to use modelsManager, you just inseting it service.php

    function() {
        return new \Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Manager();

Then using it in controller

    $phql = "UPDATE Phalcontip\ModelsJob SET Phalcontip\Models\Job.status = ?0 WHERE Phalcontip\Models\ = ?1";
            $result = $this->modelsManager->executeQuery($phql, array(
                0 => Job::STATUS_DISPLAY,
                1 => $idJob

If you want to contribution question Phalcon forum Vietnam link here

Mình thực thi câu SQL từ tầng repository nên nó không gọi $this->modelsManager được đâu bạn :D