PhalconPhp & Nette\Tracy Debugger [Example of usage]

I felt in love with Phalcon Framework, as much, as i felt in love with Nette Framework. But, there was a thing, that i've missed so much, – Tracy. Tracy is Nette's Framework Debugger. Homepage:

Well, at first, i was thinking about making guide on how to connect Tracy, but, instead of it (because i'm lazy) i did small example app, where you can taste Tracy in action. Tip: look inside bootstrap.php and in IndexController.php

Download example

UPDATE: Few hours ago, i've check github repository & found .phar version 2.2.3 (release). Unfortunately, i dont remember why exactly i was needed to modifiy some parts of Tracy, but with phar-version it runs even simplier!

    require 'path/to/tracy.phar';
    Tracy\Debugger::Enable($isProductionMode, $logDirectory, $email);


It looks very similar to Phalcon\Debug

It looks very similar to Phalcon\Debug

Yes, but with one exception, – as far as i know, Phalcon\Debug does not always work on common mistakes. For example, if i will call undeclared function (PD will appear), or forgot about semicolon, tracy appears (PD won't appear)

Or, maybe i didn't setup all. )

As personally for me, i choose Tracy because of familiar visual appearance & triggering logic.

Almost forgot to tell, that Tracy can be launched in development & event producition period. In case of production, exceptions & errors won't be shown to user, but will be sent to specified in settings, – email address.

Tracy looks really good!