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Help with setting / route

In a multi module application I'm trying to set the / route using:

  $router->add('/', array(
  'module' => 'frontend',
  'namespace' => 'Ammo\Frontend\Modules\Application\Controllers',
  'controller' => 'index',
  'action' => 'someaction'
        'module' => 'frontend',
        'namespace' => 'Ammo\Frontend\Modules\Application\Controllers',
        "controller" => "error",
        "action" => "route404"

the router seems to ignore this entry for the web site home (no route). I've tried with:

$router = new Router(FALSE); and $router = new Router();

web site root in always fires NotFound route.

Any help??


Thank you for this. Although using groups did not solve my problem. I'm finding if I set a default module/controller/action and remove the notFound route my main web page is fond (although it is obviously not matching the route->add('/') but using the default route). Also, all notFound routes match to the default module/controller/action defined.

If I add the notFound route, this works great for no routes matched, but also matches to no route


please disregard. var dump of request is showing array(1) { ["_url"]=> string(11) "/index.html" }

it's an apache issue.


How did you solve it?