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PHPUnit test

Hi, Has anybody used PHPUnit with your phalcon project? Examples to do a unit test and functional test with phpunit and phalcon, would be very apreciated :)

Yeah I have and they are in the project itself :)

Take a look at this configuration:


(basically under the php-tests folder). You can get that skeleton and start your tests that way :)

(Functional test: https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/tree/master/php-tests/tests/Phalcon/Tag)

Wow, thanks for your quick responds. Oops yeah its in the project itself, I didn't notice cause usually download the phalcon binary:) It would be great if you put that in documentation as well.

We have two suites in the project. One under unit-tests which is the "old" suite and one under php-unit which is the "new" one. We are slowly migrating one to the other to ensure that our code is covered as much as possible :)