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Problem with Volt (again)

This morning I just get another problem with Volt. My code is:

            '.volt' => 'Phalcon\Mvc\View\Engine\Volt',
            '.phtml' => function ($vista, $ID)
                $volt       = new Volt($vista, $ID);
                    'compileAlways' => true,
                    'compiledPath'  => '../vistas/compiladas/',
                    'compiledSeparator' => '_',
                    'compiledExtension' => '.compiled'

                return $volt;

The problem is that compiledPath only works for one file (a Volt template), but not for the others: so I only get one file in his path, meanwhile I get all the others compiled in their homepaths.

I resolved this problem with a workaround time ago, but this morning just stop working (and that's why I'm trying to do this, more easy, way).


Yeah, I used a function all the time before, and I would try again. But the function isn't reached now (I don't get the echo I put there).

And for your last phrase, don't worry, I separate templates from compiled templates and views from compiled views :D But I do not use a cache-static directory, I use just a directory (don't worry, this app is small to do caching).


I wasn't mixing stuff: you use Volt as a service, while I use it as a closure. It worked all the time. Now I tried (yesterday and today) your piece of code, and yes it works; but Volt options aren't setted (the echo in there doesn't execute) , and the app doesn't work. No error is throwed. This is very very strange.

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The bootstrap file is in a whole try/catch block (as the tutorials show), but I don't get any exceptions. For security, I try/catched the specific part when setting the view and volt services but nothing. I think I will get back to the previous commit for the sake of god, because this is non-sense.

EDIT: Just as I said, non-sense. It works perfectly know.


I getted similar not-bubbling 8I think) with ACL few days ago ( ). Let's hope that there is no more not-bubbling as you say.


Ahhh my friend, I just know what happens: seems to be a bug (?). I thinked that $compiler = $volt->getCompiler() just before $volt->setOptions(..) wasn't dangerous. Indeed, it is, because it just skips the function.

I didn't write it in the post 'cause I didn't think that was the problem, but... So could you explain me why?