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Repository pattern in phalcon ?

Is it possible to use repository pattern with phalcon php ? because controller constructor is defined as final. And interface binding like laravel ?

Is it good idea to use repository pattern with phalcon ? anyone have any example ?


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It's not supported by default

But you can do every think what do you want

for example :

abstract class MyRepositoryBase extends Phalcon\DI\Injectable {
    abstract public function getModelName();

     * @param string $alias
     * @return \Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Query\Builder
    public function createQuery($alias)
        return $this->getDi()->get('modelsManager')->createBuilder($alias)
            ->addFrom($this->getModelName(), $alias);

class UserRepository extends MyRepositoryBase {
    public function getModelName() {
        return 'User\Model\User';

$repository = new UserRepository();

/** @var \Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Query\Builder */

It's a simple example :)

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