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Micro app ODM problems

Hi guys,

I am newbie in Python but I have a lot experience in other FW. I've created my first app (regular MVC) and everything worked like a charm localy and on AWS. Than I switch to micro app and everything worked fine on my Vagrant machine except setting cookie. I could not set cookie with Phalcon class I had to use php native function. The main problem I had is ODM.

I have service with name UserManager. This service receives ODM model. Services saves new user to MongoDB. On my Vagrant machine everything works fine. I deployed my app to AWS ec2 instance and I also have MongoDB on other ec2 instance. Reading data from MongoDB works fine. ODM method save() returns false and MongoDB didn't created new document. I installed MongoDB on the same instance as phalcon app and than ODM method save() still returns false but this MongoDB instance created new document. When I try to fetch ODM errors I received empty array in both cases. I've tried to use ODM directly (I've created instance like this - "$users = new Users();" without using service and it works. I tried to do the same in service - it not works.

I am confused :-) Can someone help me how to solve this problem or how to debug this. Thanks

Could it be a timeout issue? Or a permission mismatch, eg read-only?

Unfortunately no - I had working app with MVC app - I only have this problem when I use Micro app.