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VOLT load only main index without layout and action

Hi, after i changed apache to nginx, some view don't loading.

If i try get (https://localhost/user/index) - it's ok But if i try get (https://localhost/user/notify/index) - volt load only main index without layout and action.

What's wrong? It's my nginx config


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In url (https://localhost/user/notify/index) what is action ? if is action is notify then The view in volt automatic loading is folder {root}/views/user/notify.volt

Root application of you is /var/www/html/ yet ?


Thanks Thien! Notify it's a page, it's not action notify, it's a manager for user notification. Another controller too not work correctly. I don't set any option for volt (i.e $this->view->disable() or another method like setRenderLevel(View::LEVEL_*))


Root application of you is /var/www/html/ yet ?



I think you should setup router for it, for example

    $router = new Phalcon\Mvc\Router(false);

           'controller' => 'user', // do some you like
           'action'     => 'index'// do some you like


No, problem in configuration i guess. Now i install apache and this works fine.

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Ahhrrrr... Heellp somebody:)

    If use this, all works fine, but why volt don't work correct??

Thien dispatcher founded controller and action, and routes matched, but volt ...