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[SOLVED] Command Line Applications

Reading the documentation about CLI, that you can find here (, I don't understand how to make a command line application. A script that I can make executable and run from the command line. I want run commands like this:

pippo -help pippo -install pippo -import all pippo -import articles pippo -import users pippo -reset


So I remembered dev-tools have a command line app and I went to github to browse the code. And yes, I have just discovered that it has been used another approach, a classic builder with commands. So what?

For example should I just create a task called PippoTask, then many actions: mainAction, helpAction, importAction or I should instead create a task for every action, like HelpTask, InstallTask, ImportTask (and inside the ImportTask adding the methods allAction, articlesAction. etc.) ?

I'd really appreciate any hint.



Just for the records, this helped me to understand how it works:

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