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Framework's popularity

I'm not sure which aspects are taken to measure popularity, but based on this list, Phalcon is 12th most popular framework (without phpunit that seems to be bad categorized)


We're doing it well!

Guzzle is not a framework also, it's a library to make RESTful services that uses cURL.

Give it time and I really believe that eventually Phalcon will really take off.

... I started with CodeIgniter. ... Moved to Laravel. (Really loved it) ... THEN, saw a random post mentioning Phalcon and clicked on the link out of curiosity. About fell off my chair when I read all the info and immediately was hooked.

I came here by chance finding out about it. I wonder how many others like me just never heard of it.

@Dave Nosker.....Ditto here....almost the exact same thing happened to me with the exception of Code igniter. In my case: I decided to check out framworks so I started with Yii, then Laravel which is great and I thought I needed to look no further but then I happened to stumble on a post mentioning Phalcon the laravel forum and....I am completely hooked. I love everything about it. I dont have to download a million files to install and since it's a c extension, it is super fast!! I am really surprised that it is not as popular as other frameworks....but I guess that in time it will be.

It's just marketing. Symfony and Zend are terrible frameworks, but many ppl use them because everyone speaks about them.