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How to call controller action from task?


I want to call a controller action in a cli task (to not write the same code again):

namespace app\tasks {
    use Phalcon\CLI\Task;

    class MailTask extends Task {

        public function welcomeAction()
                'namespace' => 'app\controllers',
                'controller' => 'mail',
                'action' => 'sendWelcome',
                'params' => [...]

But the dispatcher tries to call a task

$ php cli/app.php mail welcome

$ app\controllers\MailTask handler class cannot be loaded

:( How to do it?


You are using Phalcon\CLI\Dispatcher, and it trying to add to controller name "Task" postfix. Use a Phalcon\Mvc\Dispatcher instead to load application controllers

Thank you. Solved it by registering an additional dispatcher.

use Phalcon\Mvc\Dispatcher;

$di->set('controllerDispatcher', function() {
    $dispatcher = new Dispatcher();
    return $dispatcher;

That was too fast. It does not call the action, but also does not return an error :(

    'namespace' => 'app\controllers',
    'controller' => 'mail',
    'action' => 'sendWelcome',
    'params' => [...]

It's not a good practice to call controllers over task.

Create a plugin for your sendmail action and register it in task DI. And you could use it in your controller also.

Just move your code from controller to something like /app/plugins/SendMail.php and then register it.

And use $this->controllerDispatcher->dispatch()

Thanks for your explanation! It is working now.

Please, mark this thread as solved then.

It was already ;)