New API Docs in is realy cool! The Search Bar is what We realy need :)

May we have the source for that? And also I need the Phalcon php class skeleton like in the new docs. I need it for IDE autocomplete. Can anyone refer me a link of the tool for generating that PHP Phalcon API class skeleton like that?

Ouch, It's already cloned in in my home directory and never noticed. Thanks Boston :)

Jeffrey, if you look at bottom, this documentation is generated with APIGen with a custom theme

Thanks @SneakyBobito. ApiGen seems better than the legacy phpDocumentor. But the default template is not as good as phalcon docs using. Any links for that template?

@jeffreycahyono indeed APIGen is really good, it is what i use for all my project that needs a php doc !

For the templte, try to concact people who made the templte (they are links at the bottom : @olvlvl on twitter and

You may also give a look at It is almost similar to the doc you linked.

@boston Actually you did adapt the template of sami onto APIGen, right ?