XAMPP - phalcon extension not showing in phpinfo()

Hi there,

I don't have any clou why phalcon extension isn't found by my system. I installed XAMPP with PHP Version 5.6.3

Installed homebrew and installed phalcon-56

phpinfo() shows, that my extensiondir ist:


and "Loaded Configuration File"


So I copied phalcon.so to the extensiondir and added the line "extension=phalcon.so" to my php.ini file. Restartet Apache Web Server via XAMPP Manager. But phpinfo() doesn't show phalcon extension.

What did I wrong?!

Thanks a lot!


Ok, that's the problem:

[12-Jan-2015 08:29:25 Europe/Berlin] PHP Warning: PHP Startup: phalcon: Unable to initialize module Module compiled with module API=20121212 PHP compiled with module API=20131226 These options need to match in Unknown on line 0

Does anybody know how to solve this?


How do you check it? From command line?


"php_error_log" from logs dir of apache


It looks like you installed a wron version, you need the one for 5.6 TS



If you haven't money buy VPS, you can used cloud Koding with packages free. I think it good when using Phalcon