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Can I use Ioncube with Phalcon Framework in order to protect my work?

Hi Phalcon Team, I am new to Phalcon but really like the concept of the framework, for source protection I would like to encrypt all my PHP code using ionCube, but as you might know ioncube has its own PHP library to decrypt the code, so I would like to know whether it is possible to use ionCube with phalcon, or usign phalcon means completely open source?

Thanks, Ben Zhang


Yes, you can use any other PHP library/tool alongside Phalcon. Phalcon has a very liberal license that allow you to do anything you need.

Hello Ben,

Phalcon acts as an external library if you think about it. It is a framework and it stays resident in memory of your web server.

If you use ioncube, you will encode your application and not Phalcon. Your encoded application will then call Phalcon's functionality (which will be available provided that you have loaded it as a module on your web server) like any other external/php library.