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Pull requests on a frozen branch, solve it once for all!

A lot of pull requests are lost when a branch is frozen and no more pull request are accepted for that branch:

@dreamsxin closed most of those pull requests and didn't rebase the branches. I can understand why he did it, it's a little bit depressing when you open a pull request, wait for it to get merged or at least commented, then have to rebase it and reopen another.

In his repo robmorgan (https://github.com/robmorgan/phinx) has a solution that could be applied to phalcon: create a branch named 1.3.x (and 2.0.x) where pull request can be made and aren't lost until a new major version is released. Tags are created from this branch and there isn't a need anymore for version branches (like 1.3.1, 1.3.4, etc).

As of now (!) pull request seems to be the only "development" made to the project, so it's a shame to lose all the contributions when you create a new branch.

@phalcon what do you think?


Yeah, it sounds like a great idea, we can have only one branch for 2.x.x and use tags for versions

We already tag the code so in that respect nothing will change. We will just stop making branches per release :)

Thanks for the heads up!