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Phalcon 2 dll for php 5.6 on windows

Could anybody build Phalcon 2 dll for php 5.6 x86 on windows?

edited Jan '15


Follow the instructions provided.

If you are using vc11 and below After you run zephir build.

edit the following files ext/phalcon/db/result/pdo.zep.c move

pdo_stmt_t *stmt; long n;


int ZEPHIR_LAST_CALL_STATUS; zval number_param = NULL, connection, pdo = NULL, sqlStatement, bindParams, statement = NULL, _0 = NULL, _1; long number;


move these 3 lines

char arKey = Z_STRVAL_P(key), strKey; unsigned int nKeyLength = strlen(key); register ulong hash = 5381;

to below

zval key_param = NULL; zval key = NULL;

cd ext and run nmake.


yes, could anybody build phalcon 2 dll for php 5.6 x86 windows?