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Phalcon on Android (LAMP like thing)

Does anybody know about Phalcon on Android, how to install it? I mean, once i had a server with php, mysql installed on some of my devices with Android 2 or 4. I'd like to have Phalcon on them. I am not an Android programmer so, any instructions might be too dificult for me, but later i could try to experiment.



Phalcon is extension php, so if you can search how to install php extension on Android like here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6571911/running-amp-apache-mysql-php-on-android


Thank you, Thien. I know that much work and probably much knowledge too is involved in compiling an extension for Android and possibly for a proper version or processor (i've never compiled a PHP extension on my own for any OS). So there seems to be no out-of-box solution. I know there is something like this http://www.phpforandroid.net From your link Thien i see there is a linux installation, i don't know how it works, though. Modern distribution have phalcon onboard. I don't know whether this debian does. I wouldn't like to root my phone for some time more.

And i did the most practical thing so far e-mailing Andro PHP developers. If i know something interesting i'll write about it.

The topic should stay open.


Hi Ok, I will subscribe topic this :)