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Phalcon 1.2 beta 1 released!

We are happy to announce the release of our first beta of Phalcon 1.2‚Äč!

In this version we have introduced several new features and performance improvements. The intend of this beta release is get input from the community, test the new functionality making sure everything works fine once production environments are updated to 1.2.

This post is extensive but we have a lot of new features, so bare with us!


As always - good job!

I see new 'Dynamic compile path' in Volt.

Can I set the 'dynamic compile path in Volt' to a memcached server?


Excellent, loving the progress.

When do you plan release the 1.2 stable?


Work is ongoing on correcting a variety of minor problems in the new features, we have decided stop adding features to 1.2 and roll out a final version the first week of July (next week), any remaining features are going to be part of the 1.3 milestone


In last build 1.2.0 I cannot use wildcard '*' for Resource?

private $_privateResources = array(
        'admin' => '*',
foreach ($this->_privateResources as $resource => $actions) {
            $acl->addResource(new AclResource($resource), $actions);

edited Oct '14

When I use url service

$this->di->set('url', function(){
            $url = new \Phalcon\Mvc\Url();
            return $url;


{{ link_to(url('index/view/'~news.id|e), news.title|e) }}
return <a href="//index/view/357">


@Alexey link_to already calls "url" internally", you can do:

link_to('index/view/'~news.id|e, news.title|e)