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only homepage is displayed, other pages 404

Hi. i've just stared journal with phalconphp.

I intall all nessesary packages and i downlad tutorial exmaple (

when i write localhost/tutorial/public it work fine, but when i click any link (ex. http://localhost/tutorial/signup or http://localhost/tutorial/public/signup) i've got 404 error....

i tryed write this by myself, and i download invo tutorial and i've got this same problem...

ofcourse mod_revrite is enable and .htaccess files are created


There could be many possibilities. 1: You do not have signup controller? 2: Your htaccess is not point to the bootstrap, index.php

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Thanks a lot for replay.

Yes, i've controler and action inside.... as you say i install devtools and it tell me that i have disabled mod_rewrite (even phpini say mi that plugin is enabled).

so i enable and.... i run aplication and its 403 error... when i remove .htaccess i see homepage agin but i stel cannot go to any link.

Now i look for some solv of this problem, but if You have some idea please share :)

Best regards

PS. i had change chmod i chown to 777 and apache user and still 403....

PS2. solving problem is adding to .htaccess (in main folder, non public) one line:

Options +FollowSymLinks


I use nginx, same issue occured on invo and vokuro projects, always only show homepage no matter which page you open