Router not match Thai character

Hello All,

I have character problem in routing as I try to match THAI character in router config file but it not working. I define router as below

    $property->add("/{propertytype:(บ้าน|home|condo|apartment)}", array(
        'action'     => 'index'

It work fine if the address is but not match when address isบ้าน

I also try to match any character in my language as below

    $property->add("/area/{province:[ก-ฮ0-๙0-9\-]+}", array(
        'action'     => 'index'

but it also not working so I have to let any word to match the address like /area/{province} to accept THAI language in url however it will accept any special charecter.

Is it possible to use THAI character in url, How do I write regex to match or I have to add any config in the router?

Thank you for any help.


you have to url encode it much like thai domain names


Thank you 7thcubic