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Phalcon PaaS (Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk, etc) options?

Hi, I wonder if someone has had much experience in deploying phalcon in a PaaS situation?

I was kind of considering jumping over to a MEAN stack (planning a Single page app client + mobile, so if I'm gonna live in callback hell, why not on both server and client) in Heroku with mongodb in Compose/MongoHQ, but I'm now thinking of leaning back into a more scalable API server (hence Phalcon w/Micro).

Any suggestions/experiences?



I did see that, it's pretty cool, but I also wouldn't mind hearing some experiences/pain with deploying phalcon on heroku?


I have some working freelance Phalcon and Maybe I will deploy on Heroku but a lot some customer chose VPS


I think the pain is because of heroku's spec, not because of Phalcon.

For example, heroku has no persistant file system, so you can't use log file.