DOC : Forgot autoloader in micro app / REST tutorial

Hi Phalcon !

Just want to notify you that in this tutorial :

On the IRC, a php beginer asked why the model Robots was impossible to create.

Actually you never deal with the autoloader !


Thanks for pointing it out, It can be an autoloader like the one explained in INVO, ( However, I'm going to create a repository for it, thanks


@Phalcon , Not sure if it matters much, but I am a beginner too and I was trying to copy some code from the documentations page and I noticed that the first and only "IF" statement in is missing the opening curly bracket.

@Metialb : indeed ! That was corrected

index.php <?php $loader = new \Phalcon\Loader(); $loader->registerDirs(array( 'models/' ))->register();