Hi, This is my first phalcon-based project, I have started with multi-module structure and everything seems good. Now I am trying to add image processing using beanstalkd. However, I am not quite sure what is the best practice to build a beanstalkd worker.

Using the doc as example; roll a standalone PHP scrip for image processing. Just like:

while (($job = $queue->peekReady()) !== false) 
    $message = $job->getBody(); 
    // do image processing here 

But this requires phalcon framework in the firstplace. So I have to build a CLI app.

Question: I have already got a multi-module app, how do I re-use all the model classes in a CLI app? I am still learning the bootstrapping file. Is the CLI app sitting on totally seperat router and has nothing in common with the web app?