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Proposition to the community - Let's fork & port Opencart to Phalcon.


I like this framework, would like to see it reach good popularity, gain wider shared hosting support, and would hate to see the development stop.

But for that to happen, there has to be a strong motivation that would drive the 'market' to that direction.

Currently there's no reason for it to be popular for the masses, it's appeal is only for serious custom development projects... developers who could afford (not necessarily monetarily but also skill) to use VPS or dedicated servers. There are many non devs who also use VPS/Dedicated servers, but they have no reason at all to use Phalcon.

So I believe Phalcon need another project that utilize it as the framework.

People who use vps/dedicated for web apps/service but are not developers, many of them are owners of e-commerce sites. I have not statistics to back this up, you guys might want to double check.

I suggest that if someone could start a shopping cart project built on top of Phalcon, it'd do great for Phalcon. Should the project become popular, many shared hosting will have Phalcon PHP installed by default.

Phalcon could make some money from running extensions marketplace, etc. Compared with articles/blogging CMS, ecommerce extensions get better price. We could support our core devs

After trying many different shopping cart system, Opencart seems like a good candidate for easy porting to Phalcon. It has many architectural problems (extensibility-wise) but I believe we could sort it out.

There's already Github project of Opencart port to Phalcon.... https://github.com/fallgold/stupycart

But it uses template engine called Stupy. We could change it so it'd use Volt and build on it from there.

Anyone interested?

i think is a very good idea and I'll be happy to cooperate. I have extensive experience in OpenCart development. Let me know if I can be of any help.


Sam Balette