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Wordpress / Magento with Phalcon Site

I am working on a project and using Phalcon as the framework for the website but was thinking of using Wordpress for a blog and Magento as the store. I just don't have the time or skill to copy the functionality they offer using Phalcon.

Is it possible to have Phalcon ignore a directory such as /store or /blog? Or is it better to have those directories outside of the Phalcon root and use something like store.url.com and blog.url.com?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

edited Feb '15

You have 3 ways to achieve this:

  1. Ignore this directory in Phalcon routing
  2. Ignore routes in top-level tools like Nginx/Apache/LightHTTPd
  3. Make a subdomain like blog.example.com and put it on another port/ip


Yeah, I Have done this. Add the folder, Phalcon .htaccess will ignore real folders. But you can always go with subdomain

Thank you both very much.

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