Fortrabbit has discontinued their Phalcon package for Debian

On the install page, it says that Fortrabbit hosts a debian package for apt-get installation.

Their version is Phalcon 1.2.3, so I emailed to ask if they were going to update it. They replied with:

Sorry, we do not use Debian PHP packages anymore ourselves (now custom build) so we've abandoned the repository. Thanks for getting in touch, though, i've updated the info on the site.

I just finished installing it on 6 servers :/ Now will have to uninstall and install manually! Doh!

So it'd be good if this page was edited otherwise users will be installing an old version that'll never update:



I don't use Fortrabbit. if you have ssh you can install from source

edited Feb '15

Yeah, I know. Was just saying so people are aware. Other people who may have used it are stuck on version 1.2.3, so telling them if they want the newest version they'll have to install from source.

Basically this page needs to be edited:

Official download page here on Phalcon site is out-of-date for Debian/GNU distro and this Fortrabbit repo. I just had a call with a client's sys admin who lost entire afternoon trying to install it on Debian Squezze.

This should be really updated / removed from official pages.